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Real Estate Coach Radio - The 5-Minute Daily Internet Show for Real Estate Professionals
Real Estae  Coach Radio - The 5-Minute Daily
		  Internet Show for Real Estate Agents

The 5-Minute Daily Internet Show for Real Estate Professionals

Join Bernice Ross and the most talented experts in the real estate industry each day


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12/21/2015 | Download
Guest Mentor: Kurt Carlton - What Are Hard Money Loans and How Do They Work?, Powerful Strategies to Attract and Better Serve Your Clients and Never Confuse Your Future Goals with Your Real Life
12/14/2015 | Download
Guest Mentor: Rossi - Say Goodbye to Multi-Tasking, Saying Yes to Saying No and How to Overcome Your Fear of Rejection
12/07/2015 | Download
Guest Mentor: Dr. Cliff Baird - Failure is the Back Doorstep to Success, Turn Your Print Campaign into a Money Making Machine and How to Find High Probability Buyers for Your Listings
11/30/2015 | Download
Guest Mentor: Deena Zimmerman - How Mentoring Differs from Coaching, Are Google Apps Too Risky for Your Real Estate Business and Piling Up the Little Things is the Key to Success
11/23/2015 | Download
Guest Mentor: Len Elder - Prospect Where the Clients Are, Convert Web Visitors Into Clients and Create a GPS for Your Business
11/16/2015 | Download
Guest Mentor: Ira Serkes - Stay Competitive: Streamline Your Systems, Put the Punch in Your Advertising and "Marketing Warfare"
11/09/2015 | Download
Guest Mentor: Mike Krischke - Keep Your Disposal Running Strong (and Triple Its Useful Life), How to Avoid Having Your Listings Expire and Think Like a Top Producer
11/02/2015 | Download
Guest Mentor: Will Gilliam - When I Quit Giving, I Quit Getting, How to Dominate Your Market (week 2) and Why You Shouldn’t Let Life’s Little Problems Get You Down

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