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Real Estate Coach Radio - The Internet Show for Real Estate Professionals
REUncut - The Internet Show for Real Estate Professionals

The 5-Minute Daily Internet Show for Real Estate Professionals

Join Bernice Ross, plus the most talented experts in the real estate industry each day

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 03/14/2010 Guest Mentor - Jackie Leavenworth - The dangers of overpricing - Part 1, The biggest open home mistake, Keep safe at your open homeDownload Download 
 03/11/2010 Guest Mentor - Karel Murray - Check current reality, First time buyers - Avoid this moving day mistake, Never make another referral againDownload Download 
 03/10/2010 Guest Mentor - Karel Murray - Benefit Statement, First time buyers - Prepare them for problems, Dump all your customersDownload Download 
 03/09/2010 Guest Mentor - Karel Murray - Brain Rules, First time buyers - Plot important dates - a great tip, Zip your lipsDownload Download 
 03/08/2010 Guest Mentor - Karel Murray - The emerging trends, First time buyers - Select a multiple offer strategy up front, Bump your business card - Tech Tuesday tipDownload Download 
 03/07/2010 Guest Mentor - Karel Murray - The 4 qualities of a true prospect, First time buyers - You are going to fax that offer aren't you?, A great script to defend your commissionDownload Download 
 03/04/2010 Guest Mentor - Terri Murphy - Overlooking multiple options, First time real estate buyer excuse - Explain the closing costs, Keep the best and dump the rest!Download Download 
 03/03/2010 Guest Mentor - Terri Murphy - Infatuation with price, First time real estate buyer excuse - Who gets to keep the buyers deposit?, Go on a Should Diet!Download Download 
 03/02/2010 Guest Mentor - Terri Murphy - Poor active listening skills, First time real estate buyer excuse - Sample before they purchase, Do you have this success factor that most top producers share?Download Download 
 03/01/2010 Guest Mentor - Terri Murphy - Lack of skilled questioning, First time real estate buyer excuse - Don't settle for less, Tech Tuesday tip - Working smarterDownload Download 
 02/28/2010 Guest Mentor - Terri Murphy - Mistakes in real estate negotiation, First time real estate buyer excuse - Manage the fear, Can the fear-based marketing messagesDownload Download 
 02/18/2010 Guest Mentor - Jack Peckham - Want to talk another language?, The Devil's in the Details, Create the perfect video testimonialDownload Download 
 02/17/2010 Guest Mentor - Jack Peckham - This tip makes booking a seat a breeze, What 60% of all real estate clients want, Don't want to blog - try these two alternativesDownload Download 
 02/16/2010 Guest Mentor - Jack Peckham - How old is that person?, Are you a people person?, Are you exposing yourself to identity theft?Download Download 
 02/15/2010 Guest Mentor - Jack Peckham - Be able to prove you sent that email, Do you have the profile of a Top Producer?, Two expired listing marketing tips that really workDownload Download 

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